David Zegers (°1975) was marketing manager of the Brussels music temple Anciennne Belgique (AB) between 2006 and 2016. Before that time he was working as member of staff for communication at Poppunt and marketing researcher at the Vlerick Business School. He graduated in 1998 as Master in Industrial Psychology (University of Ghent) and one year later at the Vlerick Business School (PUB, Master in General Management).

He is artist manager of St. Grandson and Portland, organiser of Witlofsessies and Secret Garden Sessions, and is active as a music & marketing consultant.

He resides in the Board of Directors of Boomtown, the 5-day-alternative festival of the ‘Gentse Feesten’ (Ghent Fair) on the Kouter, in the Handelsbeurs and the Opera. As a freelancer, he is also connected to WAVE agency.

Mail: david@skytiger.be * Mobile: +32 475 395 227 Facebook   Linked-In   Instagram

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